Fishing and hunting license revenue is subject to legislative assent to certain federal acts, which mandate that North Carolina can become ineligible to receive certain federal funds if it diverts license revenue from the control of the Wildlife Resources Commission.  Again, the federal government is telling the states what to do with their own money.

Here are some more facts about the Wildlife Resources Commission:

  • Created in 1947
  • Mission: To conserve NC’s wildlife resources and their habitats and provide programs and opportunities that allow hunters, anglers, boaters; other outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy wildlife-associated recreation.
  • Employs 645+
  • The certified budget for FY2014-15 was $61.7 million
  • 82% of that budget is supported by hunting and fishing license fees, boating registrations and titles, and federal grants
  • The value of the lifetime hunting, fishing and sportsman license endowment fund had a balance of $117 million at the beginning of Feb 2015