So earlier in the week, the UNC ASG came under criticism for wasting students’ money. How did they respond? Well, it was captured on tape ? you can hear it here.

The Daily Tar Heel reported on it, too (emphasis added):

WASHINGTON, D.C. ? After two days of meetings with lawmakers and policy advocates, 49 delegates from the UNC Association of Student Governments will return to North Carolina …. This was the association?s first large-scale lobbying trip to Washington, although Jonathan Ducote, ASG director of federal relations and former ASG president, made periodic trips to the area during the academic year.

Treating themselves to hobnobbing jaunts to D.C. ? and having a sinecure waiting you once you get out of school, and funded by all your former peers ? now there’s a good way to deflect criticism that this is the “biggest waste of student money imaginable”!