The president is scheduled to pay his fourth visit to Asheville Wednesday.

Obama will discuss legislative items he mentions in his State of the Union speech on Tuesday, said Emmet Carney, chair of the county Democratic party.

Good; el president has some splainin’ to do. I received the following in an email from the new Organizing for America Action:

President Obama has asked Congress to pass legislation to help protect our kids and reduce gun violence — and we need to do everything we can to help. Forward this email — and spread the word today.

Please, kind sir. I esteem myself amongst the most iggorant of the iggorant; and even I realize that no legislation can protect our kids and reduce gun violence. That makes as much sense as me believing that writing a song will make somebody in the Netherlands have healthy hair. The mere statement insinuates confidence the public schools have failed to educate citizens about what is probably the most fundamental underpinning of civics: Legislation and public policy are not ends; they’re means. We all want good things. The question is how we shall go about ensuring a civil society. The OFAA call for me to work everybody I know into a frenzy about presto-changeo magic is not atypical of emails I received from the original OFA.

I don’t wish to post anything to get me removed from the list. However, I doubt el presidente will give us low-information voters anything more than was included in the need-to-know missive.