HuffPost has the details:

Texas high school coach Tim Buchanan benched his starters after only 21 plays, kept to a conservative ground game and even allowed the clock to run uninterrupted after halftime to hasten the final whistle. Still, his Bearcats won 91-0.

Now the coach is facing formal accusations of bullying.

The impressive victory for undefeated Aledo High School, a football powerhouse in suburban Fort Worth that has put up similar numbers against other schools, has forced an investigation after a parent from the opposing team filed a bullying complaint. The complaint, which must be investigated under state law, says Buchanan should have done more to prevent the lopsided score.

I agree with my sagacious colleague, Roy Cordato, on this one.  Calling a football blowout “bullying” cheapens something that most agree is a serious problem in our schools.

The formal complaint will require school officials to waste time (and tax dollars) conducting a formal investigation and writing a report.