Steve Forbes predicts little good news for President Obama during his final year in office. The Forbes editor-in-chief explains why in the latest issue of his namesake magazine.

PRESIDENT OBAMA WILL have a terrible year in 2016. His popularity will plummet as people recoil from his passivity in the face of the terrorist onslaught. He will become increasingly isolated and bitter as his view of how the world works comes crashing down. His overweening pride and rigidity will prevent him from truly changing his policies. There will be feints to suggest such a course, but people will see through them, just as they did with his recent address to the nation and his subsequent speeches on this subject.

What famed American historian Richard Hofstadter once wrote about Herbert Hoover’s response to the Great Depression applies equally well to Barack Obama’s handling of Islamic terrorism: “Hoover’s Administration after the crash of 1929 is one protracted rite of hara-kiri. No President, not even Grover Cleveland, has ever been seduced by his convictions into blunter defiance of majority opinion. On this score Hoover can always be acquitted of the charge of revising his ideas to cater to mass sentiment.”

While Obama is verbally more dexterous and devious than Hoover ever dreamed of being, it appears his worldview hasn’t budged since he was a young man. The U.S. has been a force of evil in the world; ergo, the smaller our role, the better. Most anything bad happening has at its source American and European colonialism. If we play down the awful behavior of Islamic barbarians and other notorious actors, such as Vladimir Putin, they’ll come to mend their ways. The world will thereby be a nicer place, and most everyone will recognize the genius that is Barack Obama. The Nobel Peace Prize that Obama was awarded not long after he took office will be regarded as premature but amply earned.

The opposite is happening. Obama’s mental construct is increasingly at odds with murderous reality, and more and more people are grasping that frightening truth.