I can’t help but point out that the N&R’s print edition had a story on yesterday’s proposed ‘compromise’ incentives bill. I didn’t notice it until I saw the jump on A6, but when I went back to the front page, I couldn’t find the headline, because it wasn’t there. That’s the news business, I guess. I’ve had my share of typos in recent weeks.

Anyway, amidst the debate, it’s refreshing to see that one legislator has the big picture in sight:

Rep. Paul Stam, an Apex Republican and the House minority leader, said the new proposal is worse than the bill Easley vetoed, because it will cost the state more money. CEOs are going to decide today to hire lobbyists instead of engineers, he joked, because they’ll realize the state is an easy mark.

“How do we make money this year?” Stam said. “Forget about selling tires. Hire lobbyists.”

Thank you, Representative Stam.