The N&R reports four Greensboro City Council members have negotiated a deal to help keep the International Civil Rights Museum afloat:

If approved by the council, the museum would immediately get a $400,000 loan to keep afloat for the next few weeks, said Council woman Nancy Vaughan, who helped negotiate the agreement with Mayor Robbie Perkins and council members Yvonne Johnson and Jim Kee.

Another $350,000 loan would be given to the museum on Oct. 1, if independent audits of the museum come back clean.

The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro voted this week to give the museum $75,000 in a combined loan and grant to complete the audits, and museum officials hope to get them done by mid-September.

For every dollar the museum raises, the city will forgive $1 of the $750,000 loan, Vaughan said.

Perkins adds the forgivable loan is the “right product” that will get the votes that weren’t there when the council first took up the matter on Aug. 20. With Vaughan now on board, I’ll speculate the votes are now there.