Robert Jonathan writes for Biz Pac Review about a fresh voice in the fight against the woke.

Independent journalist Jason Whitlock, formerly of Fox Sports and Outkick, is heaping praise on ex-NBA player and now YouTube phenomenon Kwame Brown for his non-woke content that has taken social media by storm and could be a cultural game-changer, as it were.

Whitlock described Brown, who was drafted by the Washington Wizards straight out of high school in 2001, as “a bolt of lightning” who is reaching a massive online audience.

In just about two weeks or so, Brown’s YouTube channel has grown from about 10,000 subscribers to 300,000 and rising, along with nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram.

Brown appears to be a fan of Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, and Candace Owens and has expressed support for free speech and criticized the cancel culture.

Brown “is not remotely woke. He’s actually on the other side…he’s unpacking these bigger ideas about changing this very negative culture that has been defined for black people and we’ve embraced, and black people are loving it. They’re running towards him….they’re saying, ‘yes, we’ve been waiting on someone to say this and represent this, in a way we believe in’,” Whitlock claimed, speaking of Brown’s pro-masculinity, pro-fatherhood message.

“People are running to Kwame Brown, and everybody in the black Internet space is talking about him, and having a reaction. And there’s been nothing but support…He’s representing working-class people of all races…he’s anti-elite…I’m hopeful the tide is really turning,” Whitlock added about a possible tipping point.

In reference to Brown and image consultant Kevin Samuels (whose content focuses on marriage and relationships), “they’re so anti-woke.”

Whitlock also claimed that other retired NBA stars are also backing Kwame Brown, which runs counter to the left-wing narrative that seems to dominate the league, at least among active players.