The N.C. Coalition for Lobbying and Government Reform is publicizing this morning a plea from two former members of the N.C. House of Representatives:

Two former members of the North Carolina House of Representatives, Rep William Current (R-Gaston) and Rep Ray Rapp ( D-Madison), urged candidates for the North Carolina House and Senate to support ending gerrymandering in North Carolina as part of their campaigns. Both men were primary sponsors of H 824, Nonpartisan Redistricting Process, which passed the North Carolina House by a bi-partisan vote of 88 to 27 in 2011, and takes the partisan politics out of the redistricting process. The two legislators asked for the candidates support in an email with a one question survey – 

Our proposal (HB 824) called for taking the politics completely out of the process, with maps drawn by nonpartisan professionals rather than lawmakers, guided by clear and
specific rules. 

Our bill will be re-introduced in the 2015 legislative session with primary sponsors including Cumberland County Democrat Rep. Rick Glazier and Wake County Republican House Speaker Pro-Tem, Skip Stam.

So we have this simple one question survey for you. Will you support the reintroduction of our proposal – which would create impartial fair redistricting for North Carolina?  

“We served together for eight years and frequently disagreed, but we were in complete agreement on ending the partisan redistricting which has occurred in North Carolina for decades and under both parties “ said Current. “ We want our successors to understand how important it is that we make a change in our redistricting process, how important it is to return fairness to the process.  I have been working on this change throughout my career”.

“Bill and I both feel very strongly that until we end gerrymandering, North Carolina will be stuck in a situation where politicians choose their votes and voters don’t get to choose who represents them.  We need to return to a government of, for and by the people and to restore citizen confidence in our state government. We want what is best for the people of North Carolina  and for our future.  I served in the General Assembly to ensure that North Carolina moves froward.” Rapp stated.

Rapp and Current are working with the North Carolina Coalition for Lobbying and Government Reform which has been working to change the way North Carolina does redistricting since it was formed in 2005.  It is working with current members of the NC General Assembly, other former and current elected officials as well as civic and business leaders across the state.