Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner reports on a potential independent presidential candidate’s critique of Vermont socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Independent presidential candidate Howard Schultz expanded his assault on Sen. Bernie Sanders as a “far-left” Democratic White House front-runner whose Medicare for all plan would bankrupt the country and rob health insurance from half of the nation.

Schultz, the chairman emeritus of Starbucks who claims the Democratic Party left him by becoming too liberal, said in a statement that the Sanders plan and many of his other proposals are “out of touch with reality.”

Taking aim at the Sanders Medicare plan, Schultz estimated that it would cost the nation $32 trillion.

“Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All proposal would strip health insurance coverage from more than 180 million Americans and cost taxpayers more than $32 trillion to implement. With no way to pay for it, no chance of getting bipartisan support in Congress, and the potential for significant ramifications in treatment and innovation, this proposal confirms what we already knew: Sanders and the far-left wing of the Democratic party are out of touch with reality,” said Schultz.

The two have been at each other’s throats for a while, with Sanders recently ripping the former corporate titan as an out of touch billionaire.