The Forsyth County Board of Social Services voted Thursday to fire the director of the county’s Department of Social Services, a mere six weeks after she just quit showing up for work.

Debra Donahue had been out of the office since Dec. 29—not on leave nor on suspension, according to county officials. Donahue’s Dec. 18 performance evaluation which, to say the least, did not go well, at least according to the dismissal letter:

“On December 18, 2017, the Social Services Board issued you a performance evaluation which included corrective actions to provide you with its assessment along with an opportunity to correct deficiencies in your performance and conduct. … During the meeting, your behavior and tone were unprofessional, disrespectful, accusatory and quite disturbing. You did not accept constructive feedback and responsibility for your actions.”

Of course the pressing question —probably in everybody’s mind but expressed by a commenter beneath the Winston-Salem Journal write-up—-is whether or not Donahue was paid during her extended absence. Nothing surprises anymore, so I’m afraid to even speculate…