Winston-Salem Journal reports a Forsyth Technical Community College adjunct history professor is no longer teaching following a student’s accusation that he threatened President Trump.

History professor Luke McEachern told the Journal the accusation left him feeling “betrayed, compromised and humiliated” and that he had “spent hours on Monday talking to a Secret Service agent and a Greensboro police officer who came to his home in Greensboro to ask him about the accusation.”

It’s not clear whether or not McEachern actually threatened Trump . But by his own acknowledgement, he is openly opposed to the president, “saying something about Trump every other class.” McEachern also addressed the tragic school shootings in Florida, and that’s what might have led to the accusation that he was threatening the president:

Tomas Woodall Posada, a student in the history class where McEachern talked about the Second Amendment and the Florida shooting, said that he doesn’t remember McEachern mentioning Trump during that particular talk.

“The teacher took five minutes off to talk about his personal frustration toward the lack of movement toward gun control,” Woodall Posada said. “That was really it. There was certainly no threat or accusation. The student who did this did not misunderstand. It was simply a blatant lie.”

Woodall Posada said he talked to both campus police and the school administration to defend the teacher. Talking among themselves, Woodall Posada said, people in the class agreed that McEachern had never made a threatening remark.

McEachern also expressed frustration—according to the Journal about “how people on the ‘far right’ refuse to debate their stands on the merits but instead go for ‘personal destruction of their enemies,’ as he told his students in his email.”

Really– as if gun control advocates haven’t embarked on personal destruction of the NRA and its supporters–and President Trump– instead of seriously addressing the issue of keeping students safe in school. If you’ve missed that, you haven’t been paying attention.
With that in mind, I’ll refrain from personally attacking Professor McEachern.

I’ll even wish him well in finding employment, perhaps even another teaching gig. In that event, perhaps he’ll stick to teaching history and leave his personal political frustrations out of the classroom. He’s got the other 21 hours in the day to pursue outlets for those frustrations.