It seems the Foundation for Economic Freedom is finding JLF a rich source of material for its web site and magazine The Freeman. This month both George Leef and John Hood have been featured at FEE, and Leef and Roy Cordato are published in the November magazine. Leef’s web article addresses the conventional wisdom that says we should invest more in higher education. Hood’s piece – an edited version of a previous Daily Journal commentary – focused on the “playground economics” engaged in by his two young boys and their classmates. Simple concepts, he wrote, are naturally learned by children, yet understanding them still escapes some politicians. In the printed issue, Leef reviewed You Can’t Say That! by George Mason University law professor David Bernstein. The book looks at the assault on the First Amendment by so-called “antidiscrimination” laws. Cordato’s piece, “It Just Ain’t So,” discusses the corporate income tax, which he characterizes as “the darling of the socialist left” and part of their effort to redistribute wealth and empower government over the individual. He argues that corporations don’t pay income tax because they can’t, since all taxes “corporate or otherwise, must come out of some real human being’s pocket.” In addition to being published by FEE, Cordato’s work also is included in a new book published by The Independent Review. Titled Re-thinking Green, the book features among its contents a Cordato piece on market-based environmentalism.