The Free to Choose Network is releasing a documentary film tackling that question. Max Borders offers more detail:

Here are some points I’m particularly proud of:

  1. Our Producer and Director Jim Taylor worked very closely with Cato
    Senior Fellow Johan Norberg to develop the concepts and themes.
    Paradoxically, the collaboration shows off Jim as a classical liberal
    thinker and Johan as a writer for the screen. 
  2. The film is unashamedly pro-market while being fair-minded. That’s a tough balance to strike. 
  3. Two important themes emerged during the film’s development: the
    power of free markets and the limits of income equality as a social
    goal. Hence the title: “Free or Equal”
  4. Jim and Johan were able deftly to weave in relevant highlights of the original Free To Choose series both to celebrate the masterful insights of Milton Friedman as
    well as to expand on them. This never appears forced, in my opinion.
    It’s seamless and manages to celebrate Friedman’s legacy without
  5. Johan is a natural on camera. Though English is not his first
    language, he is a sympathetic host with an engaging mien. He has a
    bright future. 
  6. Jim and Johan got excellent feedback from our Executive Producer Tom
    Skinner, as well as our founder and President Bob Chitester (the man
    who made the original Free To Choose). I gave input at various stages,
    as well. I am proud to say I contributed to the creation of this

So here we are. The project is slated for release in Spring 2011. If
ever a documentary was able both to pull out important concepts and
frame our ideological battles, Free or Equal achieves this without being
preachy. But then again, I am biased.

Watch the preview video clip below.