Winston-Salem Journal reports air quality in Forsyth County is —-according to the hed—-“seen as getting better”:

First the good: All counties in North Carolina for which soot data was available got an A or a B. In Forsyth, the level of soot, or particle matter, was good enough to receive an A.

Now the bad: The level of smog, or ozone, in Forsyth over the same period received an F. Only four other counties received the same grade for ozone levels: Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Rowan and Wake. Ozone data was not available in 65 counties.

Knew there had to be some bad news in there somewhere, and of course the remedy “is to see eventually is changes – changes in transportation, how far we drive, how often we drive….”

Good luck with that. Of course there is the alternative of dodging the big rigs in PART’s “park and ride lot.”