courtesy of Education Next. I especially like the fact that the survey breaks out the responses of public school employees.

The bottom line is that most respondents gave America’s public schools a “C” and their local public schools a “B-“. Interestingly, responses from public school employees on these two questions did not differ much from non-employees.

The survey exposes some common myths. A majority of respondents (59 percent) said that students would learn more if schools had more money. An astounding 77 percent (and 81 percent of public school employees) said that reducing class sizes is a better use of money than raising teacher salaries.

Here are a few other interesting results. Fifty percent of public school employees (53 percent overall) favored the idea of offering low-income children a tax credit to attend a private school. In addition, 55 percent of respondents (including 53 percent of public school employees) favor the idea of allowing home-schooled students to attend select classes at local public schools.

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