Greetings all you little raindrops.

I say that because there is a huge sense of helplessness, people feeling like this huge power structure is going to herd them, so there’s no point in doing their own thing. I’m guilty, too. It is difficult trying to find an outlet for creative productivity in an economy where businesses are more obsessed with putting logos of official certification on their web sites than research and development. Truth be told, I don’t do business with people that brag about accepting ARRA funds – unless the boss compels me.

So, I was wondering this morning how a drop in a bucket could make any difference. It could, for example acquire enormous kinetic energy and cast itself out of the bucket. It might even become radioactive and make the bucket scary. Then, considered I, who says the drops in the bucket must be water? Maybe they could be dye and turn the whole bucket a different color. They could be neutrons and slip through the water and bucket. They could be grease and form a beautiful, iridescent layer over the other drops.

The moral of my story is: Drops in the bucket need not sit like bumps on a log.