Also from The Washington Examiner‘s Byron York comes this show of Democrats in full-blown panic mode as they face the potential loss of (what David Gergen called) “Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat”: The DNC is attacking Republican Scott Brown for not bringing Sarah Palin to the Bay State to campaign for him.
Dem spinner Hari Sevugan sent three e-mails to reporters yesterday, asking why the former Alaska governor hadn’t parachuted into Massachusetts, where Brown is posing a credible threat to state Attorney General Martha Coakley.

York reports,

when a Brown spokesman, while not specifically mentioning Palin, said that “Scott is not looking for a lot of outside help” and that the race would not be determined by outsiders, Sevugan sent out yet another email to reporters, this one headlined “Weaselly.” Sevugan directed journalists to his response to the “blatant dodge by the Scott Brown campaign on the issue of whether he is seeking and/or if he would accept an endorsement from Sarah Palin.” Sevugan quoted himself challenging Brown: “That’s a weaselly answer. And the people of Massachusetts deserve more than weaselly answers from their next senator ? It’s a yes or no question, Scott Brown — Will you accept Sarah Palin’s endorsement or won’t you?”

Of course, if Palin had entered the fray, the DNC would be hammering Brown for deflecting attention from the issues that matter to Massachusetts voters, or something similarly inane.