Exciting news!

The governor has issued a news release with the following information:

1) Senate Rules – Thanks to phone calls, letters and e-mails from people across the state, the senate has updated its rules which will prevent one senator from single handedly stopping an idea from making its way through our legislative system. click here.

2) Executive Budget – Last year the Gen. Assembly took over $100 million from savings in the executive budget. This year we sent a budget that saves over $160 million! By prioritizing we were able to limit spending to the growth of our population and inflation. In doing so we were also able to pay back some of our trust funds and debt as well. click here

3) Income Tax relief – The House has already passed our income tax relief bill which is absolutely critical to small businesses, growing our economy and raising income levels in our state. All of this important because we need to lower the cost of government in our state and improve services.

But alas, this is somewhat of a ruse, this is actually a release from South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. Oh what a difference a little geography can make!

Wonder if Gerlach and the Governor get it yet????