News is slow. Politicians and journalists are on vacation. Media outlets are posting top-ten lists written before folks left town. And so I went to the UNCA Blue Banner web site and read a couple editorials.

One, I’ve read before. It straightfacedly tells how experts will start finding out what is in the healthcare bill now that it has passed. The author is hopeful that “free” contraceptives will be included in the definition of “preventive healthcare for women” because they are more humane than abortions. The issue is presented as a false dilemma. She then asks:

Should questions about ethics and morals have an effect on the country’s new healthcare system?

Another quotes local celebrity Virato explaining the Asheville Vortex:

Quartz vibrates at about 7.6 hertz, which is the same resonant frequency of the human heart. This low resonance goes out thousands of miles, and people who resonate in their heart feel it. Feminine, freethinking, homosexuals, Christians, Asheville has the highest percentage of witches per capita; new-agey people, artists: these are all heart-oriented people. I feel that’s how I was drawn here, because of this radiant energy.