John Fund of National Review Online highlights climate alarmists’ latest high-profile tactics.

I have seen what may be the future of climate-change protest. It isn’t pretty, and be prepared because it may be coming to American cities near you faster than you think.

I just spent several days in London reporting on the Brexit debate. While thousands of protesters who want to remain in the European Union did surround Parliament this past Saturday, they remained peaceful and law-abiding.

One could not say the same for those who participated in protests in the days before. Much of London was shut down by agitators from Extinction Rebellion (XR), a radical anti-climate-change group that has spent the last two weeks disrupting cities from London to Berlin to Amsterdam. In London, some 1,800 protestors have been arrested. …

… As the protesters moved from stunt to stunt, public support for their actions withered. They hit bottom last Thursday when two activists climbed on top of commuter trains during rush hour and blocked their departure. They unfurled a banner that read “Business as Usual = Death.”

Angry commuters, many of whom would’ve had their pay docked if they’d shown up late for work, dragged the protesters down from the trains, and London Underground staff led the protesters away. Separately, an 83-year-old protester named Phil Kingston glued himself to a train to stop it. He justified his action by saying, “I’m a Christian, and it really upsets me to see God’s creation being wrecked across the world.”