As a prologue, recall the “Yellow Pages Test”:

Years ago, the first libertarian I encountered introduced to me the concept of the “Yellow Pages Test”: If it’s in the Yellow Pages, the government doesn’t need to do it. … Now I think the Left has their own Yellow Pages Test: If it’s in the Yellow Pages, the government hasn’t taken it over yet.

Now the news from Fuquay-Varina (emphasis added):

Fuquay-Varina town leaders want to begin offering recreational youth and intramural sports, which have been run by a volunteer group for the past 22 years.

Town commissioners are expected to vote Monday evening on a recommendation to offer a recreational youth sports program that would include baseball, T-ball, softball, soccer, volleyball, football and cheerleading. The measure would not include teams that play in travel leagues. …

But the Fuquay-Varina Athletic Association, which has administered recreational and sports leagues for the town since 1989, says it doesn’t understand why the town would decide to take over a significant portion of the responsibilities associated with operating a youth sports program.

It says the town’s move is unwanted and unneeded.