From Gallup’s survey after the mid-term election:

Given a choice, 54% of rank-and-file Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents would prefer that their party move closer to the center, and 41% would rather it shift further left. At the same time, rank-and-file Republicans and Republican-leaning independents favor a shift to the right for their party, as 57% say they would prefer it to be more conservative, and 37% say more moderate.

Fascinating. The Democrats are more divided within their party: 54/41. Republicans show a broader spread, with a clear favoring of being “more conservative.” Definitions of “conservative” vary. I’d like to think that “conservative” equates to more freedom and fewer barriers and intrusion from government, more choices for parents about where their kids are educated, and a global marketplace free of tariffs and artificial supports. What will all this mean for 2020? We’ll have to watch who emerges from both major political parties. Then the struggle begins over the views and values.