Gallup reports here on data that shows us the struggles associated with single parenthood.

In the U.S., 31% of single-parent households report times in the past 12 months when they struggled to afford food, much more than the 19% of two-parent households who say the same, according to an analysis of adults aged 18 to 50. Single-parent households also report greater difficulty affording food than do unmarried and single adults who do not have children. But, in households with two adults, the percentage who struggled at times to afford food is the same — 19% — regardless of the presence of children in the home.

Children need a mom and a dad in the home to provide them with more economic stability and emotional support. We social conservatives must continue to peel back the veil of glamour that has been bestowed upon single parenthood and. At the same time, we continue to  help the children caught in the middle of the social debate by supporting private food banks, churches, and community groups that address immediate needs.