George Leef’s question this morning (about what a gang member majors in) prompted a search with an unexpected result. The News & Observer reported that “two men walked up on Clarence Grubbs and Carolyn Pittman at 12:01 a.m. as they sat at the gazebo outside of the Wolf Village apartments. Shots were fired. Grubbs was hit in the chest, Pittman in the foot, police said.”

Last December, WRAL reported the following (emphasis added):

A man and two women, one of them pregnant, jumped to safety Tuesday afternoon when fire broke out in an apartment building near the campus of N.C. State University.

Keith Miller, a resident of the complex, said that his wife, Yvette Miller; his stepson Clarence Grubbs, and Grubbs’ girlfriend, C.J. Pittman, all had to jump from an upper level. … The building where Miller lived has six units, all of which were damaged by the fire he thinks he might have started by leaving the stove on when he went to do an errand. …

Pittman is about four months pregnant, Miller said.

Was the fire really started by the stove, or was that also gang-related? And what has happened to the baby?