Update: Council members Vaughan and Matheny –along with the city —- are named as defendants in the lawsuit.

Ed Cone reports “Gate City Waste Services has filed a lawsuit to keep Nancy Vaughan from voting on the landfill, and to force Zack Matheny to vote.”

No details have emerged from the N&R or anyone else, but ther way I see it, Gate City is going to court to hopefully have a judge overrule Interim City Attorney Tom Pollard’s on the voting status of council members Vaughan and Matheny regarding the contract with Gate City Services to operate the White Street landfill.

I’m not an attorney, and neither is John Hammer, but for what it’s worth he’s repeatedly hammered away at the inconsistencies from the various city attorneys on who can and can’t vote on the White Street landfill. I don’t see a problem with Gate City taking their case to a higher judge.

Mind you, landfill opponents had no reservations about taking their case to the judge, so why shouldn’t Gate City?

It’s just the way games are played in this crazy world.