Other media outlets have reported this, but the N&R has the big-front-pager on the legal squabble over an easement that could hold up plans for a $28 million downtown Greensboro parking deck, which in turn could hold up another $28 million parking deck by high-powered developer Roy Carroll a few blocks down on Bellmeade Street because they’re double-bunked items on the City Council’s Dec. 19 meeting agenda.

The dispute over the easement is between the city and the Cone Denim entertainment venue—Cone Denim says it will not be able to safely get tour buses in and out the back with the proposed parking deck and hotel in the way. You can read the details or note the bottom line for now:

Finally — and most critically — the council must sort out the Cone Denim situation. There are four options, accompanied by four sets of drawbacks:

Move ahead as planned and face legal action from Cone Denim.

Buy out Cone Denim, adding upwards of $5 million to the cost of the deck.

Reconfigure the layout of the deck, which would add significant delays to both the deck and the Westin Hotel project.

Build the deck somewhere else — away from the new Westin it was intended, in part, to serve.

Stay tuned.