The Rhino’s Scott Yost attended the annual State of Our Community luncheon at the Koury Convention Center:

As a general rule, the state of the local economy can be judged by the quality and size of meals served at the State of Our Community event each year. For instance, five years ago the meals were quite opulent. Once the recession hit, however, the meals became more and more meager.

Last year the media was given no meals – they were seated at a table with only a pitcher of ice water and some cups.

This year the media table consisted of an empty rectangular foldout table with a white tablecloth, which was completely bare with not even a pitcher of water. It’s not known how opulent the meals of the other 900 or so attendees were, but hopefully no sign about the local economy can be read into the fact that last year’s sole press perk – the pitcher of water – was cut out at this year’s luncheon.

Either the powers that be around here are comfortable with the media coverage or they just don’t care. My guess is it’s the former —- case in point the N&R’s praise for the Chamber of Commerce’s One Job for Greensboro program, which in my mind is yet another example of the groupthink prevalent among municipalities, these days.