Greensboro Police Chief Ken Miller gets more than a few inches in this Greenville News write-up on the six finalists for Gville police chief:

Miller said in a phone interview Monday afternoon that he wants to leave Greensboro because of the way the North Carolina pension system operates.

“It’s fair to say that each day I work in Greensboro is a deficit to me,” he said.

Miller inherited a police force that had been rocked by lawsuits alleging discrimination within the ranks by 40 black and Latino officers. The lawsuits were settled last year. Also, he said the police department’s dealings with the community had been unsatisfactory. He has been credited with stabilizing the department as well as improving crime prevention, particularly through neighborhood policing.

Miller said he’s interested in Greenville because, although it’s smaller than Greensboro it has a vibrant mix of nightlife, residential and business. He said Greensboro has sent people to Greenville to see the possibilities of downtown revitalization.

Retired Chief Terri Wilfong made $119,000 when she hung it up at age 56, compared to the $38,000 separation allowance Miller would get here in N.C. Looks like Miller needs six more years in a more more mellow city (remember Gboro longs to be as hip as Gville) and he triples his money.