Interesting AP story—- Clarence Henderson—who joined the “Greensboro Four” on the second day of the their historic sit-in at the Woolworth’s lunch counter in 1960—supports—gasp!—-Republican nominee Donald Trump:

For a civil rights hero, he later ended up on a more unconventional political path that he credits to his father, a lifelong Republican.

“My dad, with a third-grade education, said to me, ‘Well, son, you don’t know what the Democratic Party has done as far as blacks are concerned,'” Henderson said.

He discovered the Democrats had created and enforced Jim Crow laws, and the Republican Party was behind the constitutional amendments that abolished slavery, granted equal protection to freed slaves and gave blacks the right to vote.

He cast his first vote for a Republican presidential candidate for George W. Bush. Henderson, who ran a financial services business for more than 25 years before retiring a decade ago, said he respected Bush’s business background.

He continued voting for Republicans, even when Barack Obama stood poised to become the first black president.

“I never thought I would see a black person become the president of the United States,” Henderson said. “His ideologies were different from mine. After looking at his past history, I didn’t see him as a viable candidate.”

I would hope this would many to put aside their belief that opposition to President Obama is rooted in racism, not to mention the belief that opposition to Democratic nominee Hillary clinton is rooted in sexism. Statists are statists—-period.

Note mention of Jibreel Khazan—nee Ezell Blair Jr.—one of the original Greensboro Four—who, although a clinton supporter—-said about Henderson “God bless him and all of those who have a second opinion…….we should not be a one-minded people.”