N&R reports Greensboro’s Renaissance Community Co-Op grocery store is shooting for 2105 opening, with a little help from both the city and Guilford County:

John Jones, the president of the co-op’s board of directors, said nearly 450 co-op memberships have been sold at $100 apiece and the co-op has commitments of $1.2 million for the project. But the group has requested $600,000 from the city of Greensboro — two-thirds as a loan, one-third as a grant — to get the store opened. Earlier this month, city staff members let the co-op know that the city may only be able to offer $100,000.

“It was disappointing to hear, but we kept talking and looking for a way to make this happen this year,” Jones said.

And we know how loans work with the City Council — just ask and it’s forgiven. County commissioners might be a tougher nut to crack. Interesting comment from Commissioner Ray Trapp—a Democrat –who said “people who run for public office are caring people…..we may have different philosophies, but ultimately that’s the reason you run for public office.”

Gee you’d never know that reading the N&R these days.