Too high to count.

I generally watch Greensboro City Council meetings and try really hard to pay attention in the hopes coming up with an interesting blog post. But after watching Tuesday’s meeting, I said screw it and decided to let John Hammer sum it up:

The final Greensboro City Council meeting of the year was like a highlight reel for 2010.

The council has spent the year swallowing camels and straining at gnats, rehashing items it had already settled, and being utterly confused about the proper conduct of the meeting largely because of bad advice from the city legal staff, and that pretty much describes the meeting of Dec. 7, 2010 in the Council Chambers.

This meeting had it all. Recently, Councilmember Nancy Vaughan was critical of her fellow councilmembers for not getting anything done, but at this meeting – as she has done so many times this past year – Vaughan had to recuse herself because her husband, state Sen. Don Vaughan, who is an attorney, represented one of the parties involved.

Vaughan was the lone no vote on an ordinance change that doesn’t require developers to build sidewalks in industrial parks. Hammer notes that Vaughan “said she had worked in an industrial park and people had to walk in the street because there were no sidewalks.” What he doesn’t say, however, is that Vaughan expressed concern about no sidewalks in industrial parks that will be developed along —-you guessed it —–mass transit lines.

I noted with interest the formation of a conservative watchdog group that will supposedly keep an eye on the City Council. They should have a field day.