At last night’s meeting the Greensboro City Council again delayed a vote on funding for the International Civil right Museum. The Museum was requesting $1.5 million in funding over three years.

There was a last minute surprise —- council member Yvonne Johnson changed the request from a grant to a loan which — if I heard right — would collateralize the museum’s building, the former Woolworth’s store where the sit-in movement was born.

Museum chairman Skip Alston —who earlier in the day announced his resignation –although he will remain on the board — brought out as many dignitaries as he could to speak in support of the museum, including the widow of Marvin Gaye (a Greensboro native–who knew) and Franklin McCain, one of the Greensboro Four. There was also a video of the Rev. Jesse Jackson recorded in South Africa expressing his support for the museum. Unfortunately the video had technical issues and thus was not very effective.

Stay tuned —the saga continues.