For starters, my rule on panhandlers — If I’ve got a buck, I give a buck. If not, I don’t —– it varies in the Obama economy.

Another rule—- no green if the light is green. Gotta keep the traffic moving.

At any rate, the Greensboro City Council adopted stringent new rules on panhandling:

Most of the new rules aim to keep panhandlers out of traffic. They were designed to resemble limits imposed by state law, according to city officials.

But the new 1,000- and 100-foot buffers around highways and financial institutions seemed strict to licensed panhandler William Radisch, who spoke to the council Tuesday.

A thousand feet from a highway on-ramp could encompass a lot of area that wasn’t anywhere near the busy thoroughfare, he said.

The same is true with the rule about banks and ATMs, he said.

Didn’t watch last night’s meeting–wondering who came up with the provision that “people will not be able to get a panhandling license for 10 years if they have been convicted of a Class D felony and for 20 years if they have been convicted of homicide.”