In a rare column where racism isn’t everywhere, liberal N&R columnist Susan Ladd cites the Greensboro’s Downtown Greenway as a reason to celebrate a little progress amidst all the social strife we’re suffering.

Funny, the Rhino Times has a slightly different take:

The Downtown Greenway is becoming the project that will never end. After 16 years of planning, according to the city the design for this part of the Greenway is about 50 percent complete.

…..The Greenway, for all its hoopla, is no more than an extra wide sidewalk. How long does it take for the city to design and build a four-mile extra wide sidewalk? The answer is we don’t know, but we do know it takes more than 16 years.

I’ve lost track of the time it’s taken to build the two-block section at the top of Eugene Street. Meanwhile, just when it seemed like there was light at the end of the tunnel on the sewer work further up Eugene, I noticed there it was blocked off again, requiring yet another detour. As I’ve said before, when all this work is complete, I expect nothing less than utopia here in Tony Fisher Park….