Interesting that we get a ‘just the facts, ma’am” account from the Rhino’s John Hammer on the tipping point for Greensboro’s waste contract, considering the fact he previously has written “for some reason the fix is in for Republic Services, and it has been from the beginning.”

The tipping point is a consultant’s report spiking the bid from Republic’s competitor because Waste Connections underestimated distance to haul G’boro’s garbage to Anson County. So G’boro will keep hauling its trash to Montgomery County.

You know how I feel about consultants and their reports — they don’t get paid to bring back the wrong answer. Still –as Hammer consistently points out—- the city will save $1 million by at least putting the contract out to bid. Hammer reports “that barring some unforeseen information being dumped on the council before the Sept. 10 meeting, the city will sign a contract with Republic..”