City of Greensboro’s proposed $178 million bond includes $34 million for affordable housing to help address the problem of homelessness. Seems like so far the city’s doing pretty good, as Partners Ending Homelessness Executive Director Darryl Kosciak told the City Council during a recent work session.

Maybe too good. Rhino reports:

But there was one comment, almost an aside, that Kosciak made that no one on the City Council seemed to notice, or at least no one commented on. He said that the programs in Greensboro were so good that people were coming from other places to take advantage of them.

This is potentially a huge problem.

….If Greensboro acquires the reputation as the place for homeless people to come to be housed, there is no way Greensboro will be able to sustain the expense.

It may sound heartless, but Greensboro doesn’t want and can’t afford to have the best homeless programs in the area, much less the nation. We need homeless programs that are adequate, but not so opulent that they attract homeless people from other cities.

If the Greensboro City Council continues down this path, Greensboro could become the homeless capital of the East Coast.