N&R reports Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan “broke ranks” with International Civil Rights Center & Museum board members and spoke out regarding the termination of executive director Lacy Ward.

Unfortunately the mayor didn’t say much:

“I thought we were moving ahead,” said Vaughan, who said she voted to keep Ward. “But obviously a majority of the board thought we weren’t.”

…Vaughan said Ward’s firing may erode public support and hamper efforts to raise money for the struggling museum. “I certainly don’t think we will offer any more assistance other than what we’ve already promised,” she said, referring to the city.

Meanwhile board chair Deena Hayes-Greene said Ward’s dismissal was the result of a “serious problem” that the board “had to act on.”

Whatever serious problem is was, it didn’t prevent Ward from wining and dining the Greensboro Rotary Club last week and sharing his vision for the museum with N&R publisher Grits Gauger, who was impressed and thus was caught by surprise when Ward was canned.