Big N&R front-pager on plans to address $10 million in cost overruns for the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts.

Bottom line is private donors will be hit up for another $3.5 million, while $1 of the ticket service fee will be “repurposed”—meaning local arts organizations—instead of getting a cut from the ticket fee— will have to settle for $120,000 funded by “sponsorship agreements.” And by the way an extra $1 will be tacked on to the ticket fee.

The money quote, however, comes from City Council member Nancy Hoffmann, who’s not shy about speaking out about what she regards to be Gboro’s past failures:

“We want to do this right,” Councilwoman Nancy Hoffmann said. “We got 50 years out of War Memorial Auditorium, but it was a bad building from the day it opened. It was never good.”

“With the Tanger Center, we are building a building for a century,” Hoffmann said. “We want everything to be right when it opens — the sound systems, public safety, seating, sight lines, bathrooms, the exterior of the building. We’re not just building a box here.”

Yeah War Memorial wore out its welcome, but was it a bad building from the day it opened? But what’s really irritating about Hoffmann’s statement is the assumption that this time —under her leadership, of course—they’re going to do it right. So far they’re not doing a very good job.