N&R reports Greensboro Police Chief Ken Miller will retire Sept. 1.

This is particularly interesting news because just last fall rumors were swirling that Miller was on his way out before he received a $27,000 raise. Then-City Manager Denise Turner Roth spun it as a win-win, especially since Miller was forfeiting $38,000 in separation pay if he retired in March:

Roth said she and the City Council wanted to keep Miller, whose work in Greensboro has impressed them.

She also didn’t want to put the city in a position to be paying Miller a separation allowance until he turns 62 while still having to find and pay for a new police chief.

“What it came down to for me is we need a police chief either way,” Roth said. “And we would have to pay him $38,000 if he left. It makes sense to keep the continuity.”

Somehow that sense of continuity has been lost —Turner-Roth fled for the Obama administration earlier this year and now the police chief–far as I can tell— is leaving $38,000 on the table on the way out.

Stay tuned.