The Rhino’s Paul Clark says the City of Greensboro is getting sucked into Guilford County Schools’ MWBE quagmire:

It is a fact that there was discrimination against black people, and companies, in America. But another fact is that women, in American culture, rarely went into construction until recently. And why there would be a governmental interest in finding construction companies owned by, say, Samoans, is a mystery.

Contractors can show that they have made a good-faith effort to hire minorities, but that can be difficult. Councilmember Yvonne Johnson recently grilled the owner of a company that was chosen for a specialized project at the White Street Landfill. The project would have only two employees

Fellow council member Sharon Hightower so far has been the most vocal MWBE advocate. She held up a paving contract— not like the roads need it after this winter— because she wasn’t satisfied with Blythe Construction’s MWBE participation.

Hightower also questioned MWBE participation for a project whereupon the general contractor told her there weren’t that many companies who tackle water treatment plant incinerators —period— much less women and minority owned businesses.