The N&R reports (unposted) the Greensboro City Council will ponder an “action plan” from the city’s Community Sustainability Council to “slow the production of emission while creating green jobs and saving money.” Note the board was created under former Mayor Yvonne Johnson, who was defeated in the 2009 municipal elections, and headed by Joel Landau, also defeated in the 2007 election. Take from that what you will.

As you can imagine, you have to spend money to save money:

The CSC estimates the recommendations will cost a minimum of $12.3 million. But the return on those investments could be more than double, the action plan estimates.

….”This is not a comprehensive plan,” Landau said. “These are all things that pay for themselves so that it is budget neutral in the first year.”

Yet another liberal program that “pays for itself.” Again I submit there is no such thing.