Meet Isaiah Jurel Fox, who went on a wild crime spree literally from one end of Greensboro to the other, wreaking all kinds of havoc along the way before two GPD detectives capped him near McAdoo Avenue.

Fox is expected to be released from the hospital either today or tomorrow, after which he could face at least 20 charges including assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury.

During his little jaunt, Fox tried to rob a TJ Maxx, assaulted an elderly woman, ran over over an elderly man on the 18th tee at Starmount Country Club, crashed into another car on Market Street and Murrow Boulevard, grabbed a small child from his mother and threatened to kill him if the mother did not give him her keys and cellphone and beat the mother after she had given up the keys.

Let’s hope Fox goes away for a long time —-and preferably not to be let out again, unlike his getaway driver, who had previously spent time on death row before his sentence was vacated and he was allowed to plea down.