WFMY reports,

Guilford County Schools’ (GCS) bus drivers say they’ve been fighting for pay raises for too long. Joshua Graham has been a GCS bus driver for six years.

“Besides pay I enjoy my job and I love coming here every day I love the students.”

Graham says at least 150 bus drivers are participating in a walkout as a last resort, to get results.

“It’s something I really wish we didn’t have to do I really do, we want to avoid this but you shouldn’t have to fight for what you deserve,” Graham said.

He said the walkout will take place Monday the 25th, and Tuesday the 26th. It’s been organized on social media. Instead of their normal runs, those 150 drivers will stand outside of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners with signs, demanding more money.

The article notes that “county commissioners only approved half of the requested money” for pay increases, but the GCS school board could have reallocated local dollars to fully fund the raises.

In recent years, teacher walkouts and “walk-ins” have occurred as part of the union-led Red4Ed movement.