Lost amidst the continuing controversy surrounding the downtown hotel is the news that Guilford County Schools MWBE coordinator Todd Baldwin will resign Jan.31 after being suspended with pay since Dec. 1. Imagine this — GCS dumped the news of Baldwin’s “resignation” late Friday afternoon.

Baldwin was on deck to become the schools MWBE coordinator back in 2007 while C.C. Lamberth of CoMor Corporation was more or less acting in that role. Jordan Green did some more digging and produced (over at Sue Polinsky’s blog) the 2007 Rhino article noting that CoMor’s construction manager was none other than John Greene, school board member and hotel supporter Deena Hayes’ roommate.

Note that this was after the board to increase the MWBE participation goal from 10 to 12.46 percent with an 8 to 3 vote. Hayes was one of the ‘no’ votes, because she thought 12.46 percent was not enough minority participation.

GCS is going to hide behind privacy laws regarding Baldwin’s resignation, but something’s obviously up with the MWBE program, and it would come up as no surprise that Deena Hayes is somehow in the middle of it all.