High Point Enterprise —-citing a Bloomberg story- reports Amplify Education Inc., which provides Guilford County Schools with tablet computers, is getting out of the tablet business.

School board member Linda Welborn is taking the news in stride:

“With education dollars going down, and with Amplify being a fledgling company, so I’m not surprised,” Welborn said. “The Apples and the like are going to survive better, but with education dollars going down the tube, there’s not a market for that.”

Like the way Welborn frames the news in the context of “education dollars going down the tube,” never mind the $30 million Race to the Top grant that funded the initial rollout of the tablets, which was a disaster.

According to the HPE, Amplify will continue to service its contract with GCS, but you have to wonder where the plan to get out of the tablet business will leave the school system a couple of years and millions of dollars down the road.