Guilford County Schools will reopen Oak Ridge Elementary, which has emerged as the symbol of the asininity that goes on down at the Eugene Street headquarters:

Judge for yourselves, dear reader:

Following seven months of work and more than $1.6 million spent, Guilford County Schools officials still can’t say whether they’ve fixed whatever might have been sickening students and faculty at Oak Ridge Elementary .

Superintendent Maurice “Mo” Green conceded during a news conference Wednesday that while work to improve indoor air quality and abate mold growth is complete, no one involved can say the school is safe, nor did anyone ever say it wasn’t.

Note that school board attorney Jill Wilson again called down school officials when they were asked point-blank testing results mean the school doesn’t present a health concern. Seems to me like GCS is priming for its lawsuit against Lyon Construction, while parents —- and the public —- just have to wonder what exactly what caused illness among students and teachers at Oak Ridge.