…Along with Richard Dawson, Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly…..If you’re a certain age you know where I’m going with this….every afternoon after walking home from Brentwood Elementary School my sainted mother would fix a snack and I’d take a break with Match Game before homework, baseball practice, whatever. The show was hilarious and clever—especially the primetime edition, during which it was reported that cast members had a few drinks before taking the stage.

Leave it to the likes of Alec Baldwin and Rosie Donnell to sully a childhood memory:

Lefty Alec Baldwin is back on TV, this time hosting a revival of the game show Match Game on ABC, so you knew he would bring politics into what should be a fun family show. Combine this with fellow lib and Trump archrival Rosie O’Donnell as a guest and you have all the makings for a Donald Trump bashfest.

…Alec Baldwin read the cue, “Donald Trump has created a new Olympic event that he knows he can win. It’s a contest to see who can BLANK the most times in 60 seconds.” Baldwin was immediately excited to hear Rosie’s answer. She said, “You know my feelings of that orange slug,” to the laughter and applause of the audience.

The contestant filled in the blank with “lie” and matched with the first three celebrities. Then Smoove revealed his answer as “speaking” because Trump talks too much – “Shut up, Donald!” he admonished. Both Messing and Foster put in votes for “fart.” “He’s just so stinky,” explained Foster.

If Gene Rayburn and his gang ever went political, I don’t remember….and we’re talking about the Nixon-Watergate years here. As for the modern day version, Media Research Center concludes we should “expect more liberal propaganda to come as the show continues throughout the summer.” Really?