Here’s the latest scoop:  Send the goodyear bill to committee.  Looks like they will call another special session today to consider a compromise which will include

Going from bad to worse: To give $ 24 M goodyear and $22 M to bridestone.  So, killing the $40 million deal turns into a $46 million deal. . . .(HT-BG)

Here’s a suggestion to illustrate the absurdity of this fiasco.  It would appear that the GOP or the Dems could bring out a motion for all companies that employ 50 or 100 people to be eligible for this incentive money.  After all, 85% of all new jobs come from small business.  And they should say that small business is the backbone of North Carolina’s economy.  (that would take courage of course)

If they did such, it would bankrupt the state’s incentive giveaway program and force the actual fight over tax reform and the absurd corporate tax rate to take place.  

And anyone who did such a thing would grab front page headlines.  The taxpayers of North Carolina are standing by.