David Drucker of the Washington Examiner highlights one Republican candidate’s approach toward the political left.

Jeremy Hunt is running for Congress to defeat “wokeism.”

In an interview with the Washington Examiner, the 28-year-old Army veteran and Yale Law School student said he jumped into the race for the Republican nomination in southwest Georgia’s newly configured 2nd Congressional District to “preserve the American dream.”

So, what threatens the American dream? Hunt pointed to myriad global threats — China, Iran, Russia. But there are domestic threats, too, the first-time candidate emphasized, dangers “here at home” that are preoccupying him. Chief among them, Hunt said, is “wokeism,” which he defined as “telling people they can’t be proud to be an American anymore.”

“We have been so untethered from faith, family, and communities,” said Hunt, the married father of a 2-year-old daughter. “I’m running to preserve and promote faith family and communities.”

“There is no American dream without faith, families, and communities,” Hunt added, to drive the point home. “I’m running is to restore the pride in our country.”

The congressman in Georgia’s 2nd District is veteran Democratic Rep. Sanford Bishop. The seat’s new boundaries still give Democrats an edge over Republicans but less so than before decennial redistricting. And especially with President Joe Biden’s job approval ratings in Georgia in the tank, Republicans are optimistic that Bishop, 75, is vulnerable. Hunt, who, like Bishop, is black, is the perfect candidate to take him out, many Republicans believe. (He is a regular fixture on conservative media platforms, and his campaign is now being advised by the top Washington GOP consulting firm On Message Inc.)

Hunt did not raise the topic of skin color. But asked if his race is a political asset, the Republican offered that “it might be helpful to get our foot in the door.”